REMOVE.NET for sale

The domain, is for sale or lease!


This TLD domain name is perfect to develop a business around virus removal software, virus website, or email global remove list

Domain Age 19 years, 21-sep-1998

“The age of a domain is a big factor in determining its value. Older domains tend to rank better in search engines and are therefore worth more money.”


Top Level Domain: GOOD

Undesirable Characters: GREAT (0 Total)
Overall Length: GREAT (6 Length) one word, found in dictionary

Earning and competition: GOOD-GREAT

Marketing Potential: GREAT


The Domain is valued at: $89,000 based on the following criteria:

1. Alexa monthly ranking: How the domain ranks in popularity both globally and in the US.
2. Global monthly searches: The number of searches made for the keywords globally.
3. Regional monthly searches: The number of searches made for the keywords locally.
4. Estimated keyword cost-per-click: The average cost per click for the popular keywords
5. Dictionary worth: If the domain name keywords are from the dictionary or not.
6, Historical domain sales: The tool takes into account past sales data of similar domain names.
7. Google hits: The number of google hits the keywords of a domain has globally.

DOMAIN INDEX search volume in Bing, Google & Yahoo
Global broad searches for “” 206,250
Global broad searches for “remove” 46,500,000
Global exact searches for “remove” 61,875

Sold $356,000

“.NET domains are generally priced at 20% to 25% of a .COM domain” Therefore since sold for $356,000, estimate would be $71,200 to $89,000
Appraised $89,000
Appraised $17,000
Sold $13,333

“.net/.orgs are still a great deal, worth 10%–20% of .com value” Therefore the value range for would be $35,600-$71,200


Pro: Generic term
Explanation: “remove” seems to be composed of generic word present in our dictionary. If the domain name is truly generic and used to describe the content to which it is linked, legal and copyright issue risk are likely reduced.

…, the appraised domain’s TLD is “net”, a 75% penalty as been applied to our domain appraisal. Please, however, keep in mind than penalty values are subjective, and their is no standard set. Different appraisers are very likely to ascribe different penalty values to their appraisals.

This appraisal did NOT consider the following factors: brandability, existing domain content, existing domain traffic, page rank, domain creation date, copyright and legal issue, future market potential, or suitability for commercialization.

The excluded factors can significantly alter our appraisal. We recommend that you kindly ask a domain appraisal expert on a domain forum who will be generally be happy to confirm or update our appraisal.